Shower Stalls With Custom Bases

Today a shower stall is not just a choice piece of furniture for hygienic needs, but also the detail of the interior. Whichever style you do not adhere to, the cabin must be harmoniously fit into the bathroom and create a comfort in it.

How to make the right choice? Quite simply, because in fact this equipment created to simplify our lives. Choose a shower stall is easy, important to correctly calculate their financial capabilities and the right to distribute the demand.

Simply put, it is worth considering the size of your bathroom and try to build it as comfortable as possible. The most popular and in demand are booths with sliding doors, which significantly saves space when designing a small bathroom, which in a typical high-rise building or a small country house, often not enough.

How to choose a shower stall for your bathroom? Most often the most important factor is compactness and used in building material lockers.

As well as how to choose the shower should be? It is necessary to take into account the compactness of the installation. This is a definite plus, which definitely need to be taken into account when choosing a cabin

But do not forget, from what is done purchased equipment. There is no doubt important, and design, and price, and convenience, but you cannot do without consideration of some technical details.

For example, you have to wonder how a shower is resistant to moisture, as will tolerate temperature shift. The standard consists of shower doors, walls and tray.

Standard shower stall vs. shower stalls with a custom base

Most often, the walls and the door are made of polystyrene, but over time, this material becomes cloudy and it appears divorces. Such problems can be avoided by choosing a different material – glass.

It will cost more expensive, but in this case, the selection will be greater.

You will be able to pick up the glass of your choice:

  • patterned;
  • toned.

Shower stall with custom bases have been defined by the doors and walls, you can go to the pallet. They are made from various materials:

  • iron;
  • become;
  • acrylic;
  • ceramics;
  • artificial marble.

Iron, for example, is durable and reliable material, but the thick walls of this material are heated long enough, respectively, before the swim, you will need some time to maintain hot water included.

It is considered that space inside a shower stall should allow a person enough to move freely. Certain rules and parameters are not here but is less than 80 × 80 cm it is not possible.

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- May 19, 2016

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