Specifications of a Carbon Fiber Infrared Sauna

Carbon infrared heaters emit infrared heat, which is similar to the sun (or more precisely, of the sun). All items are “caught” such rays and heat, including, and the human body, and the air – so little that we can say that is not heated at all. As you know, the air consists mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. The molecules of these gases do not absorb infrared rays, but only a little scatter them, but only slightly. In general, all of the heat goes to the people.

Infrared heaters in ceramic saunas have many advantages:

  1. Direct exposure to the object – there is no heat loss “on the road”, all the heat goes to the one who is in the infrared sauna. IR heaters radiate heat wave method, which is considered more effective than the convection.
  2. IR heaters in any ceramic sauna are safe to use – a hot surface covered with a protective grille, many do have a fully protected surface.
  3. Infrared heat used in any carbon fiber infrared sauna has many indications and is used for healing and strengthening the body, prevention of various diseases, relieve fatigue and so on. There are very few contraindications.
  4. Once the air is not heated, it does not burn oxygen and reduced humidity. As a result, during the session, you do not feel stuffy, and after him – dry skin. All this is due to the fact that 90-98% of infrared heaters – it goes infrared heat.
  5. IR heaters operate silently. It’s just convenient because you can truly relax, yet cozy.
  6. Low power consumption. IR heater for the energy consumption is common household appliances.
  7. The durability and multi-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Carbon infrared heater in an infrared sauna is with the panel type. Carbon fiber is usually located in a vacuum-sealed quartz tube. These heaters are large in size and mounted on the walls of the cab IR. Thanks to the large working surface area they are evenly and thoroughly heated the whole room, and, consequently, the person, in whatever part of the cabin, he was not. These heaters do not burn, they heat is not strong, but very quickly.

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- July 19, 2016

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