The Differences Between Traditional Sauna Kits

There are different kinds of sauna kits who have their traditional differences and characteristics depending on where they occur. Consider the most famous types of traditional sauna kits.

Two major types of conventional sauna kits

There is a simple grading: steam may be based on the method of dry air (sauna, Finnish sauna, Russian steam room) and raw /wet  steam room(Turkish bath a.k.a. hammam). In the first sauna kits, the temperature varies from 90 to 110° C with the steam injection maintained humidity not higher than 20%. Dried air is worse removes heat and vice versa, for the more humid air. That is why in the steam dry-type body is heated slowly and breathe out there pretty easily. Sweat, who dressed, instantly evaporate from the skin into the surrounding air, where water is lacking.

The crude steam room relative humidity is close to 100% and the air temperature does not exceed 45-50 ° C, and therefore, the human body heats up much faster, which speeds up the process of sweating. But due to the high humidity hindered gas exchange in the lungs (humid air not oxygen as dry), because of which increases the load on the human respiratory system and breathing becomes heavier.

How does any traditional sauna kit work?

Water supply to the red-hot furnace stones (in Finnish saunas hot air with high humidity). Is there is the extreme version of a dry sauna kit? “Dry” sauna with humidity below 20% and temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius with a rubdown with a dry towel sweat profusely released in the body.

Browse a small bath-house inside and out. The cost of the basic version (“turnkey”), small bath (15-24 qs. m) ranges from 3500 to 6500 USD. The oven in the room is not included and must be purchased separately.

The air in the steam room with temperatures up to 80 ° C and relative humidity up to 70% has a higher heat capacity than dry. The internal organs of man warm faster, sweat is released more slowly, and the body loses moisture helpful. The use of a broom? feature steam rooms and constant movement accelerates rid the body of toxins.

As for the “wet” sauna kit (Turkish hammam) are even people who are sauna and steam room are contraindicated for health. Hammam has a healing effect; It cures insomnia and stress, improves digestive processes, helps with various skin diseases and ailments, a tendency to bronchial diseases and other required attribute of the Turkish steam room – relaxing body massage.

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- August 6, 2016

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