Tips on how to make infrared sauna at home

Here we describe the organization of home infrared saunas and give advices on installation of infrared emitters and control systems.

Selecting a location and size of the infrared cabin

Dimensions of ready infrared cabins are not chosen randomly because effective warming is possible only at a maximum distance of body from emitters up to 40 cm. Location of radiators: two behind of upright type, two front of vertically, horizontally and one under the seat. The front and rear transducers arranged so as not to overheat the head of the sitting person.

It is not effective to use all available space of the infrared sauna. In this case, in order to achieve a good result, it is necessary to use a large number of emitters, which will lead to an increase in energy consumption and time of heating the cabin.

Finish material

For finish it is necessary to use only materials that do not emit toxic substances when heated. It is not necessary to use the traditional for baths and saunas materials. The main active factor in infrared sauna for home is heat radiation, so the air and the surface of the wood will not be heated to a high temperature.


From the bar with thickness of 40-50 mm it is necessary to make the cabin frame with the opening for the door (and windows, if any). One or more of the walls of the sauna can be sewn onto the walls of the room. All interior walls, floor and ceiling should be lined with sewn. The control panel is usually located on the front wall of the cab outside the home infrared sauna.

The control unit power can be placed under the seat niche. Be sure to make a partition under the seat as it will increase the rigidity and will help the radiator to warm the user’s feet. It is also necessary to make holes for ventilation and lighting in ceiling.

Installation of the IR emitters, remote control and power control unit

Angled radiators are installed in overhead manner and should be secured with screws. When installing the radiators on the wall, you need to do a rectangular cut-out in the casing (the size specified in the product description). The depth of the seat for the transmitter is determined by the thickness of the bar and the lining.


Complete sets of equipment for infrared sauna at home produced by famous companies are all necessary for the electrical connection. IR emitters and a control panel shall be connected to the power control unit via connectors and power cord in the terminal.

Ensuring the safety of use

If possible, use a protective earth. Metal enclosures of radiators and power control unit have protective earthing circuit. Other requirements and recommendations you should look out in Terms and conditions of use and safety.

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