Types of DIY Outdoor Shower Stalls

Very often bathroom’s renovation happens due to the pressing need – i.e., the whole replacement of worn-out communications. If you are eager to create your own outdoor DIY shower stall project, you may consider such factors:

  • Reasonable prices;
  • Many additional features optional;
  • Easy to install and connect.

It is understood that the size and price of components have something to compare. But the question – the opinion is usually subjective. How and whether this cabin to carry out their functions.

Before you go to the store for completing everything for the soul, it is necessary to draft a future shower:

  • What will be the basis of your outdoor DIY shower stall;
  • What will be done with shower stalls;
  • What kind of equipment for the water supply is expected to use;
  • What will be used as your DIY shower doors?

Tip: First, you need the exact dimensions of shower enclosure cubicles. To do this, checks should sizes bathroom and determine how much space you are willing to allocate the shower. Do not forget about the thickness of the walls and the ceiling height.

Types of DIY outdoor shower cubicles

Outdoor showers for the summer season with your own hands. Let’s get the idea what outdoor shower stalls for your DIY project you have.

Today even a summerhouse without a shower stall inside or outside is like an apartment without a toilet – impossible to imagine. Those who prefer to work at outdoor DIY shower stalls for summer dwellings the following information will be quite useful. In these cases there are 3 options available:

  • Budget, but not comfortable

The most budget idea for an outdoor DIY shower stall – with a wooden frame, upholstered with polyethylene film with a tank from an old barrel and mounted directly on the ground in some elevated place to ensure drain for water. Under the shower’s legs, you can put a wooden lattice or rubber mat under them after installing the bricks. Of course, you will need a ladder to get water into your shower/barrel. At the bottom of the barrel, pre-drilled hole for a tube with a watering drain system can and a crane.

If funds permit, you can buy a water pump for supplying water from the well in the barrel. In case, if there is water or well-poured water into the tank can be a conventional garden hose.

  • Standard option

A more sophisticated design provides an upholstery shower stalls (free standing) or plastic boards based cubicles. The device of heating the water is in the tank with an electric PETN.

This, of course, entail the need for electrical wires, installation batch switch with protection Box PETN and need to control. If desired, the control can be changed to the thermostat, which is worth some money. Of course, the kind of leaked soapy water around the shower is not conducive to esthetic perception. To avoid this, you can dig in the shower at least a shallow pit for wastewater.

  • A shower built-in type – the most expensive outdoor DIY shower stall

The cost of outdoor shower stalls will grow as the improvement of the facilities; the price is steadily approaching the cost of factory cabs. In addition, outdoor DIY showers stalls will never be able to provide you with a sufficient level of convenience and comfort, and their price is comparable with the standard built-in type shower.

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