Useful ideas for a small bathroom

Many apartments’ bathrooms are quiet small. How to organize the space to create the illusion of big room? Here are a few tips that will help you in this case.

  • A visual extension of the space
  • The ceiling, floor and walls should be in light colors.
  • If you want to make the room higher, use the vertical lines, but if you want to extend the space you should use horizontal lines.
  • Use the built-in furniture anywhere it’s possible. It helps to hide all small stuff that could steal a lot of space staying on the surface.
  • Minimize small accessories! The fever the more spacious your room will seem.
  • Don’t focus attention on window if it is in bath. Big and catchy decorations can steal the space so much better for you will be some laconic drapes or horizontal blinds.
  • Put large home appliances such as washing machine or water heater in niches or cupboards.
  • One of the most effective ways to extend the space is using the mirror surfaces. You can use them as decoration on furniture (a cabinet) or on the ceiling and walls.
  • One more way to make you bath roomier is using the illumination opportunities. It must be bright and uniform.
  • Choosing linens for the bathroom prefer neutral and light fabrics. Towels and bath curtains the same color as the tile will be very nice combination.


Furniture is the most important thing that can help you to make bath much better. Remember these advices:

  • Space under the sink must be using rationally! When room is small spacious shouldn’t be the only intent. Functionality has the same importance. Don’t buy the sink pedestal when you need some place to put many small things. Sink with cabinet will be the best decision in that case.
  • Multilevel shelves. Small interior shelves which have several levels will not take up much space but can accommodate a lot of things.
  • Apply the wall. Small room shouldn’t be crowded by plenty of furniture. Smart decision is using the walls, especially when the ceiling is high. Various shelves on the walls can be very helpful. They save few precious meters and also are an interesting decorative element.
  • The perfect combination of space-saving and functional furniture is using glass shelves.

Smart using of these recommendations will allow you to make your small bathroom spacious and functional. Combination of illumination with simple furniture can make big miracles in your small bathroom.

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- June 1, 2016

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