Using Dry Sauna for Home

Dry steam is the main attribute of sauna rooms for sale. Temperature ranges generally from 80 to 100 degrees by Celsius. Most dry saunas for sale, where dry steam is offered, it is prohibited to use brooms. Therefore, in the dry sauna it is generally recommended to move less. Since the humidity of the sauna is very small, then took with him a broom, you do not have time to blink as it begins to dry up and crumble. To avoid this, it is only necessary to take a basin of water in which to dip the broom will be every 15 minutes. Thus, it is possible to avoid drying out and safely use it for other purposes. Just do not overdo it!

Japanese scientists have found that the effect after using the dry sauna for home is similar to the effect of the visit to the gym. While in dry bath fluid occurs conclusion of the muscles, which leads them into a state of tone, as if you were doing jogging or use another power load on the body. Typically, dry sauna’s humidity should not exceed 10%.

Another huge plus and perhaps most important in home sauna kits is that such “therapy” can have a significant impact on human health and even cure it of certain diseases. Start small: dry steam to the sauna promotes the evaporation of the fluid in the mucous membranes of various organs such as the lungs, bronchi, etc. That is, to put it simply, if you come to a home dry sauna in a state of mild cold, with a runny nose and you are tormented by a cough, the dry sauna will contribute to your speedy recovery. The action of steam sauna kits like inhalation.

Treatment of diseases of dry steam should be carried out after consultation with the attending physician. Because such procedures have a direct impact on the cardiovascular system of the person, then this case requires a special approach. It is proved that in this way can heal some ischemic diseases. Once the researchers conducted a study: the technique used in the treatment of dry steam several groups: diabetics, people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and just smokers. As a result, the health of all the people has improved considerably. However, in each case, the treatment of the sauna should have its limits.

Cleansing the body of toxins in dry home saunas

A dry sauna is popular mainly as a very effective means for the purification of the body from many toxins through sweating. The period of stay in the dry sauna the body temperature rises and, as a consequence, improves the whole of your body.

There are some restrictions and rules for the duration of your stay in the dry sauna. There are limitations in the humid sauna. Doctors recommend that it be no more than 5-10 minutes at a time and after a visit to take a cool or cold shower. Relaxation and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract – this is the main purpose of use of the steam bath.

What are its beneficial properties of dry saunas?

And wet and dry sauna can be very useful in many ways: to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and fatigue. It will save you from insomnia, accelerate metabolism and help you burn calories. It will help you to clean pores, remove the joint pain and muscle pain, it can also enhance the activity of your immune system.

A dry sauna is good for those who want to cleanse the body of toxins and improve circulation. A steam sauna can help in the treatment of chronic rhinitis.

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- July 11, 2016

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