Wet dry sauna

The most common type of sauna is a wet dry sauna. Typically, the humidity ranges from 20 to 35% with temperature of from 75 to 90 degrees Celsius. Visiting bath with wet steam might get the impression that the air is hotter than even in the dry sauna, but this impression is false. The reason for this is the high humidity. The feature of being in a sauna is that the rocks or lean concrete is necessary to pour water, and the more you pour it on concrete or rocks, the air is more humid. This type of saunas is used most in Russian saunas, as moisture in them the highest compared with other types. The peculiarity of Russian steam room is the fact that there should be more room to vary the temperature in the sauna. Earlier, after a few minutes in the steam room of a sauna visitors ran out and jumped into the pool or wiping snow. Modern Russian saunas are often placed in a separate pool sauna room where you can dip after the sauna and feel blessed coolness on the skin after hot air.

Finnish type

Today, the Finnish type is the common wet sauna. It is impossible to say exactly what kind it belongs – to the wet or dry. There is first made to sit with low humidity and dry steam, then should pour water on the rocks, sit until the moisture evaporates. Complete visit again need to dry steam. The process is repeated 2-3 times at intervals of 5 to 20 minutes per visit (depending on individual tolerance and health status). Usually in the Finnish sauna temperature can reach 130-150 degrees Celsius. However, it is not recommended for beginners to start use of the sauna with high temperatures. After one visit it is recommended to take a cold shower or a dip in the cold pool.

Sauna and aromatic oil

For best results in wet saunas can be poured on the stones not only water, but also a variety of aromatic oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, ylang-ylang and many others. It is not only creates a pleasant fragrance, but also has a positive effect on the body. From what kind of oil you choose and affect the impact on those or other organs and systems of your body.


In Finnish saunas, the brooms are very popular. At the same time, you can rub the skin with honey or special oils. In the Finnish steam sauna also include massage, which is a very pleasant and relaxing treatment. A visit to the sauna room has a positive effect on the body and the functioning of its individual systems, and in conjunction with the additional benefit of a visit to the procedures further enhanced.

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- July 14, 2016

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