What Does It Take to Install In Home Sauna?

The basis of any home sauna is electricity, a wooden stove or heater. In the center of the oven is better not to. It must be near one of the walls. Be sure to protect her wooden or stone parapet. If you place the stove in the center of a home sauna, it will take a lot of space and would not be very safe.

The fact is that the power cable that is supplied to the stove can cause injury as easy for him to catch. This problem will disappear by itself if the oven is to stand by the wall. The larger the size of a sauna, the stronger must be its warm oven. For a small sauna suit 2 kW, and if you want to bathe in the sauna with your family, it is better to take the stove 8 kW.

Tips for building a home sauna

The well-designed ventilation system in the future sauna. If you are installing a wood stove must replace the hood, which will stretch from the premises harmful fumes. If you are installing a sauna in a city apartment or a private house, take care of the fire insulation of the cabin. If the room is a sauna in the yard, run its insulation. Between the insulation and paneling sauna Lay a sheet of heavy foil to harmful substances released during heating insulation did not get into the cockpit.

Also consider the lighting system in the sauna. Good lighting – the key to your safety. Integrate into the ceiling halogen bulbs or hang in the corners of the sauna ceiling. Sex in the sauna cabin should be just a wooden, and in other compartments lay tile covered anti-slip coating.

Make a special button in the cockpit alert in case someone becomes ill in the sauna. All the fixings for shelves, benches and seats must be placed at the bottom and hide under a covering. Note: the door handle in the sauna cabin should also be wooden! Otherwise, you will get burned. If you decide to put a door with glass, use only a special heat-resistant glass effect.

Materials of home saunas

If the question is how to make the sauna in the apartment, it is better for her wood – a linden and aspen. But the interior has to be the same type – it is not recommended to mix in the construction of such facilities timbers. But in general, you can choose the wood for its saunas, focusing on those of its characteristics:

  1. Scandinavian pine. This timber with a pink tinge, almost without knots and with a beautiful pattern of annual rings. Over time, the Nordic pine and acquires the patina darkens.
  2. Alder – light pinkish brown, dense wood with a stunning pattern of rings, which is great for the outer skin of the sauna.
  3. Hemlock – pinkish-brown wood without knots and resin, the pattern of annual rings whose spectacular forms parallel lines.
  4. Nordic spruce – the available wood from conifers, with lots of small twigs and light yellowish hue.
  5. Aspen – light beige wood, which does not emit far and never rots. It offers affordability.

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