What is So Special about a Cedar Sauna?

A unique feature of the Canadian cedar used in a sauna – retain its healing properties for several years – it’s one of the reasons for the high cost of production of this type of wood. Do you need an original and luxurious finishes? The range of our online store have linings – cedar passes a pleasant aroma and warms up the bath timber exudes healing essential oils has beneficial effects on the body.

Why build a cedar sauna? Because the ceiling, walls and shelves will look extremely stylish and aesthetically pleasing and the operational advantages of the Canadian Cedar are particularly relevant for the bath.

Red cedar sauna: more about the advantages

  • If you need high-quality paneling, cedar has some unique properties, the ability to increase the period of operation and comfort of lumber. For example, red Canadian cedar is resistant to termite activity – it was not to its liking.
  • If you have selected for interior decoration steam Canadian cedar siding for three years will exude a natural fragrance, and you breathe healthy air during sauna’s procedures.
  • If you need a durable finish, choose Canadian cedar – wall paneling will last as long as possible because the wood is very resistant to decay.
  • Easy handling, no chips, the minimum content of the resin – for many years, will retain its perfect appearance siding – cedar has this unique property.
  • Fire protection – another amazing feature of this wood like cedar – the wall paneling burns very slowly and deliberately.
  • Cedar wood for a sauna has a luxurious red-brown shade, and extremely elegant in harmony. That is why for finishing saunas and baths are often used as an elegant combination.

Saunas made of cedar, quality and beautiful, made of modern technology, you can purchase in our company – we’ll give you always the best option within your budget!

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- July 28, 2016

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