Where to Use a Portable Shower Stall?

Portable shower stalls is another way to make your life away from the city more civilized and do not deprive yourself of the usual amenities and joys of life. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to connect to the common drain. If a shower is not held in each locality where you need to stay, especially when it comes to small villages, then you may consider using one of the modern portable shower stalls. City residents got used to the fact that showering himself with water from a bucket is extremely problematic and get the hand for a simple procedure easy.

Benefits of using portable shower stalls:

  • Lightweight and ease of transportation;
  • Construction sites and places of sediment transport;
  • Easy sanitization;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Durability;
  • Vandal circuit assembly.

Among other benefits of using portable shower stalls for regular users for the normal functioning of the cabin must be connected to water and electricity. The plumbing shower stall must have a pressure of 1 to 3 atm. It gets power 220W with power consumption 4 kW.

Where to use portable shower stalls:

  • Construction sites and places of sediment transport;
  • Lawn-and-garden plots;
  • Warehouses;
  • Old houses without facilities;
  • Oil producing fields;
  • Urban beaches, campsites and tourist parking lots.

Taking a hot shower at any time of the day, whenever you want! Inexpensive, easy to use, highly efficient and maintenance-free a portable shower stall can be used anywhere: in an office, at home, in an apartment or in a warehouse. Such portable shower cubicle usually is not attached to the wall or floor. To use a portable shower, you do not need building permits.

Shower curtains cover the entire cockpit, preventing the wetting of the floor. Heavy-duty curtains are antibacterial. They prevent the appearance of germs, dirt, and mildew. The shower can be used not only to consolidate over the head, but in his hands.

Using a screwdriver, wrench and you can build a portable shower within 60-90 minutes at any locations where there is water supply. A cubicle can be moved by one person in any part of the premises. Among portable shower stalls have options with a special booth for undressing. Such portable shower stalls have hot and cold water, along with a hose’s length 60 inches.

For each method comes with a set of equipment that connects the water source to the shower. You do not need a plumber to install these connections because everything can be done according to instructions.

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