Why Do You Need an Individual Sauna?

Finns are the inventors of the sauna – it says “take an individual sauna can be anyone who is able to reach her”. In fact, limitations to this procedure are, and quite substantial. Therefore, before you use a personal sauna, you need to consult a doctor.

Even if you do not have contraindications to receiving a personal infrared sauna, anyway sauna stands for a significant thermal “shake-up” to a human body. Therefore, this procedure should be accustomed gradually, by increasing the residence time in the steam room and the temperature in it.

To enjoy an individual Finnish sauna at any time, you can equip it at home. Arrange it can be in a country house, and in a city apartment.

The built-in sauna is a wooden cabin, which is heated by the stove-heater. In urban apartments can only use electric heaters, and in the countryside, in private homes, the heater can be both electric and wood burning.

Today a sauna is more accessible than it was few years ago. The main advantage of the sauna it is an excellent treatment, giving health.

Sauna in the classical sense of the word is a room with high temperatures (80-100 ° C) and minimum humidity (3-15%). It is because of such low humidity person can spend a few tens of minutes at a high temperature. And not only without harm, but also you can do with health benefits.

Regular use of the sauna is a very efficient way to maintain vitality. The home sauna gives the opportunity to relieve fatigue, promotes normalization of pressure, treatment of many diseases and also helps in recovering from injuries and the deposition of salts.

Heat sauna speeds up the metabolism in the human body, destroys harmful bacteria and fungi. In the sauna, the body effectively removes toxins and waste products.

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- July 15, 2016

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